My name is Peter Maurer.
'Petika' is my nickname. (This is very unusual in Hungarian.)
I live in Budapest (Hungary) near to Ferihegy International Airport. I'd like to live in a country where there are not cold winters. I'd like to live in a tropical country near to the ocean. I've been working for 25 years for Malev Hungarian Airlines. At the last 7 years I worked as a Quality Auditor My most important duties is to inspect the fuel services, the de/anti-icing services, the ground handling services and the drinking water services.
Before I've been working for 17 years at the fuel farm. At the beginning as an operator, later as a foreman. I have a driving licence (and experience) for all kind of vehicles except for motorbikes.

I have four kind of IATA certificates:
ISAGO lead auditor / evaluator since 2008
IFQP inspektor since 2003 (2nd level inspektor since 2006)
IDQP inspektor since 2010
DAQCP inspektor since 2006

Skype: mpetika


I'm interested in English language, traffic, travelling, Geocaching, flying, computers, telecommunications, Internet and genrally the technical things. And a lot of other subject.